Expect the unexpected

In life, we have easy decision to make… like what’s for lunch? Or take shower or not? But sometime… we come cross to an intersection and it’s so hard to make turn… It’s the same with my current stage where I have to decide to do surgery or not for my “3rd kidney”

Yes, as weird as it might sound.. Having 3 kidneys is not all fun… and with this current condition that the urethra has filled with some strange fluid and needed to be taken out or it will get bigger and life threatening. This time, I have to decide to do it in Singapore or Indonesia.. And which doctor should I choose to rely on? Right now I have preference to do it in Indo with consideration that it will be better with a big family support… Where as in Singapore, my husband will be by himself..And I just cannot imagine that my kids cannot see me in the hospital. Among all the doctor that I met, I prefer the one with the most experience and lose teeth..hahahha..but other hand, I’m afraid he will make poor stitches.

Omg.. it’s been a saaaad of discussion with my husband last night. We had discussed about the possible worst scenario… if I die… I shouldn’t be worry because… He said he will take care of the children he will provide them with the best education; they will be taken care of with his love and care… He will dedicate his life and love for them… He said he won’t re-marry, so the kids won’t have the evil step mom. He said that I shouldn’t be panic… just go to the heaven and visit him often in his dream and look over the children from above…and they will be fine…They will be sad, but they will be fine, that’s why I have to be strong to be back to them in healthier body…Because I don’t want to leave just yet… I want to hang around longer, until I have grand-grand-children…Until I have lost all my teeth and my hair gone grey and white… Until I have gone around the world…i want to stay 1000 years with my love ones…

Today I feel terrible… I didn’t sleep well…

But I got inspiration from my instagram, it says, “most worries never come true, they exist only within the mind.” I hope for the best, and I did prepare for the worst..


Additional member in our family..

Chinese New Year always marked with big festive dinner, dragon dance, red-decoration, red-outfit, and angpao (aka. Red envelop) that took bit of a shock every time we have to prepare to give the night before. The bigger your family, the faster it grows bigger means more angpao to give each year..hahaha.. Yes, we got new member of our family, finally a boy from my bother in law. As a Chinese family, I believe all grandparents expect to have a boy to carry their heritage line, so they were so happy this year. I was hoping that the attention towards my second daughter as the youngest grandchild will be shifted to Samuel. But I guess I was wrong…

Apparently, for the grandma having a boy grandchild was amazing experience, since the first 3 grandchildren were girls. But for the grandpa was a bit different, he still prefers to play with the girls. I hates when the grandparents involved with interfering with the parenting style and being to protected over the girls. *sigh* so the plan wasn’t that smooth to switch his attention to the “brandnew” grandchild hahaha.. I was okay if he loves them unconditionally, but the fact that being too interfere when I was trying to educate my child was unacceptable. I often hide from him when I need to “talk” serious with my daughter, which sometime involved crying and screaming and grandpa always hates that. But as parent, I think everyone has different approach, and that’s okay… but for my girls I prefer a discipline approach because my husband will also be lenient towards the girls, so we need to keep the balance in my “little world.”

Culinary experience at PIK area

Today, I tried to have lunch at PIK area again, after it got cancelled yesterday due to heavy rain and traffic.  PIK, the shortage from Pantai Indah Kapuk, located in North Jakarta, which has the most happening new places to hangout from new dessert restaurant to the coolest café in town. So, after having meeting with my clients, we’re heading to Dapur Buntut for their famous oxtail soup, and planning to visit Cakeaboo for their famous dessert café.

When I got to Dapur Buntut, I was famish.. .so I order my comfort food, Grilled oxtail with soup and steamed rice. It was still raining since in the morning, the warm soup will heal the empty stomach just right! My friend orders the Grilled oxtail with Balado (special grinded chilli) which looks and taste better when you need an extra kick. We finished our meal in 15 min only..hahaha.. it was a quick yet satisfying lunch.

Off course, we still have some space for dessert. We visited Cakeaboo which is only few store next to Dapur Buntut. The café was easily spotted since it has the unique entrance like a cute chocolate factory. The first thing that caught my attention was the food ramp that looks like the sushi-bar, but it consists of luscious and mouth-watering dessert in many forms. They have the Volcano which was their best seller chocolate cake with strawberry filling; and Miko’s cake which is the salted caramel cake to die for. So, we also ordered caramel latte and hazelnut latte which has their unique picture on it. I wish we still have extra space for more dessert, but I guess we have to come back again next time. Probably you can share your experience with me, so I will try new kind of dessert for our next visit.

I was wondering where should I visit for our next lunch or dinner around PIK area? (any suggestions?)

Hello 2015!

Hello 2015! Nice to meet you and I hope you can be very nice to me this year. I started this year with a big smile, I just got the news from my HR Div that my insurance claim has been approved and the excess limit only a bit, so I’m happyyy.. so the spare money that I have saved can be used for LUXURY items..hahahaha..

First, I want to travel! I can’t even remember when the last time we travel overseas. Since we decided to consult to one of the Prof in Mount E hospital in Singapore, so we will be flying again soon, yay! I hope we can spend some quality time just the two of us after soooo long… I gotta check that “timehop” apps I got last month..i remember it was 6 years ago before we got married and have two children, we went to US. Then, we travel locally to Bandung, Bali, but mostly mall hoping in Jakarta hahaha.. so saaad.. Luckily, my kids never complaint about going to the mall, but I think it’s not healthy for them to spend time indoor all the time. I want to take them hiking or spend time playing on the beach again..

So Singapore.. what to do there? I probably will visit the Garden By The Bay, and MBS.. and strolling the orchard road just for the sake of being a tourist hahaha.. Maybe shopping a bit to buy some stuff I don’t need just because I want to.. isn’t that most people’s reason to shop? And finally I want to visit hooters again, I miss their chicken wings, I believe my husband won’t mind..hahahah.. he got some great memories there too.. I think it should be fun, right?

Luxury items doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be seen as an items that you want.. not necessarily you need. So I think I want some spa treatment, the one with the full body massage, with nice smell warm massage oil.. Usually they have a special room with aromatherapy scent, and relaxing music. Then, they will continue with scrub treatment that exfoliate your dead skin, and make your skin radiant and beautiful. Lastly, a bathtub full with milk and scented candles next to it, so I can soak my body and feel rejuvenated.. Aahhh.. so gooood.. And the best part is that it’s only cost about 600,000 IDR or about $60 USD for 3 hours treatment.

Next! To enjoy life, I need to have good food, and good company, so think I want to spend time with my girls.. I think this Friday will be perfect, before they all end their maternity leaves. Yes, they’re all have the same month of delivery and maternity leaves that makes me jealous. But actually a bit glad too, cuz I’m the skinny one now! Hahahah.. oh well.. they will be skinny in no time, so let’s just enjoy the show..

That’s all for now..so see you next week..

Back from Hospital and Be Healthy..

Finally, I just got back from being hospotalized for 2 weeks last monday.. At first, i thought i was not being clean enough.. or not drinking enough water.. or often hold going to pee, but after years of UTI.. i got courious and went to CT Scan and MRI and Consult to many urologist about my condition. And the result varies, from cist, tumor, or even the mega ureter from my left kidney. It was confusing.. and the last doctor has told me to remove my left kidney. But i decided to ask for second.. and third opinion..

After my second pregnancy, I had a really pain in my tummy, and it felt like a big contraction and cramp. I could feel a big lump on the left side next to my bladder. So we went to ER and finally met my internist who got an idea  to do laparoscopy (a procedure to put a camera in my ureter for both kidneys). The result was amazing that they found.. Being blessed with 3 kidneys was not as great as i thought.. Maybe too much drinking during college years has busted my 3rd one..hahahaha.. That’s not actually the case, “the 3rd kidney” was suppect to be a twisted tube that start next to my left kidney and ended all the way to my bladder, so it’s kinda like kidney but without its functions, which messed up my bladder with all the puss and the urine that need to go out but it stuck and filled up the tube. Thus, I always get UTI (urinary tract infection) or bladder infection once or twice a year..  but this year i got like 4-5 UTI..omg.. such a pain..

Next year, i have a simple wish.. just to get healthy. I still haven’t decided to do operation or not.. hopefully on christmas i will get the answer from God, and help me to decide what to do in Januari next year..

Merry Christmas to everyone.. wish you all healthy..

from Me and my family..

Getting ready for xmas with aglio olio

I just got back from the Ranch Market during my lunch break. Usually I didn’t get enough time to go groceries in between my visits to clients, but today’s schedule was a bit less crowded. I wasn’t have plan to buy anything when I got there…their having SALE! Hahaha…so there it goes my budget for this month has gone too soon. Their Christmas decoration was ‘calling’ me to but more stuff to be ready for our Christmas party, which was still a plan until I decided five minutes later. Buying the biggest pack of marshmallow, and graham crackers for a small fondue festive dessert treat, a pack of asparagus, mushroom, and bacon for main course that I’m going to partner it with baked chicken I have in my fridge.. hm.. and probably I will cook some Aglio olio pasta (I got the recipe from Lou Sansevero ), you might like it too.. Please share it to me what’s your Christmas feast plan… ^^


 1 pound Spaghetti, cooked al dente

1/2-cup extra-virgin olive oil

1 tablespoons unsalted butter

6 flat anchovy fillets, chopped (usually I choose with sausage/ham/bacon)

6-10 cloves garlic

1/2-teaspoon red pepper flake, or to taste (optional)

1/4 cup  flat leaved Italian parsley, chopped

3 large sweet Italian Basil leaves, chiffonade

1 egg, well beaten

Grated cheese (Parmesan or Romano)



  1. About an hour before starting the Aglio e Olio sauce place the olive oil in a small  bowl, micro-plane 2 or 3 of the garlic cloves, and place the red pepper  flakes into it.  Set the bowl  aside on your counter and allow the oil to infuse with the flavour of the garlic and the heat of the red pepper flakes.
  2. After the oil has had time to infuse and in a small saucepan heat the infused oil, the micro-planed garlic,  the red pepper flakes,  and butter together over very low heat.
  3. Finely chop the remaining garlic.
  4. Add the infused oil and butter mixture to a large sauté pan (large enough to hold the volume of cooked spaghetti) over medium heat, add the chopped garlic and sauté it until it is soft and translucent (DO NOT allow the garlic to brown!)
  5. Meanwhile, bring a large volume of salted water to a rapid boil over high heat.
  6. Lower the heat under the sauté pan to medium-low, add the Alice (anchovies) and cook until the fish is dissolved, about 5 minutes.
  7. When the water comes to a rapid boil, toss in the spaghetti and cook until the spaghetti is cooked al dente.  
  8. Drain the spaghetti and toss the cooked pasta with the sauce in the sauté pan.   Sprinkle the Aglio e Olio with the parsley and toss to distribute the chopped parsley into the cooked pasta.
  9. Optional  step:  If you’re going to add the beaten egg;  while it’s still hot pour the spaghetti and sauce into a large spaghetti bowl (large enough to hold all  the past and sauce) and while pouring the beaten egg over the pasta with one hand toss the pasta, using  a pair of tongs in the other, to distribute the egg throughout it; the hot pasta and sauce should cook the egg.
  10. Serve immediately topped by grated cheese and the chiffonade basil accompanied by crusty Italian or French bread and extra grated cheese and red pepper  flakes.           Posted by Lou Sansevero

Happy Cooking!



New inspiration..comes from within..

Today I found the new article says that we need to stretch our writing muscle by building a blogging habit. But this time I shouldn’t think too much in writing… Publish this stream of consciousness post on my blog.

A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively,wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it,loves it so radically that he remakes it in his own image.– Joan Didion

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

To me, I would like to go back to my parent’s house, where I spent my precious 18 years of learning and living as dependent of my parents. I can imagine coming back home and opening that big wooden door and going back to the dining room and next to it there’s a kitchen that my mom cooking my favorite meal everyday… It starts from simple pancake and sausages breakfast menu, having lunch to her succulent baked chicken with rice…and dinner with her heart warming shabu-shabu soup also with rice since I’m an Asian girl. I remember that I always do the table setting when mom cooks, and my younger brother will do the dishes later. My dad…   I couldn’t remember much about what he was doing except probably watching TV or reading his newspaper when we do the chores. But he always been the wisest one when we need to decide on not doing our chores then he will talk about his past and sharing that the chores actually helping us to understand more about life, and how we need to be supportive to each other in our family.

Yup, amazingly I just realize that we always sit together during meals, especially lunch and dinner. My mom said to me that my quality time as her daughter will be ended when I turned 18. I was like “what? So I will be no longer your daughter after 18?” Then she explained “no, but we will share less time together, you will be a wife to your husband and a mother to your children, then we cannot spend time more later on” I couldn’t understand it when I was 18. When I got married to my best friend 5 years ago, it changed my life to the life I always wanted. Waking up next to the love of my life, it‘s perfect. But quality time with my parents gets lesser and lesser. I got busy with my career in banking that took the best of me, and have to be wonderful wife for my husband. And after having 2 daughters, I got even lesser time for myself. Now I understand you mom… it makes me want to visit you right away…see you soon!

Someday good..Someday bad..

Hari ini rasanya kecewa banget sama keputusan si boss. Sepertinya tidak adil jika semua keputusan itu effective immediatelly.. or even backdated to yesterday! Do that even allowed?

I mean kalo memang semua keputusan dia gak ada hubungannya sama kerjaan gue ya gak papa.. tapi berhubung semuanya itu berhubungan dan ada cause-effect nya..that’s why I hate it so much when I have to work professionally with unprofessional leader. Yesterday, I called in to an intervetion meeting that immediatelly reduce the interest rate which is quite impossible task remembering that this is the end of year when all the banks are increasing the interst rate. I was speechless..and forced to agree to what has the management decided on that meeting. But the implication that I have to break the bad news to all my clients and that will cause withdrawl and.. finally the cut of my commision..*sigh*

At the end of the day, I have no choice to break the news to the clients and working hard untuk membuat image company gue tetap bagus dan maintain the relationship with the clients. OMG.. I hate it! What about the deals I made yesterday? can I still get the same rate? no… the new rate effective immediatelly even it was backed dated on the memo.. *another sigh*

oh well.. another bad day.. hopefully tommorow will be better..


DYI Sensory Table Snow

This is a perfect timing to try to create our own snow!

She'z Crafty

Because we don’t have enough already 😉 We thought we would give making our own a try.


Here is what you need:
4 disposal diapers
4 cups of water
Glitter (optional)

This was so easy cut open the clean diapers and pull out the lining.Then add water and glitter. Snow that won’t melt.

Update we had try try a few more ideas

Blue ice

And we wanted to see how much water this would hold
Apparently a lot! We filled this bowl to the top and it was still a gel consistency.


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